Club Conditional Registration Policy

Conditional Registration was created for vehicles that require limited road access. The RMS (NSW Roads and Maritime Services) alone issues a permit for Conditional Registration on the basis of information provided by approved motoring clubs such as the MGCC. Your contract is with the RMS. The MGCC merely confirms your membership and the historic eligibility of your vehicle.

Owners of vehicles registered under this scheme are responsible for obeying the regulations and conditions stipulated by the RMS. Failure to comply will void the registration and insurances on the vehicle exposing the owner to Police fines and/or considerable personal liability in the event of an accident.

Historic vehicles manufactured 30 or more years ago are eligible for conditional registration if the operator belongs to an RMS-recognised historic vehicle club and the vehicle has not been altered except for certain safety features or period modifications and accessories.

What the RMS Wants

To obtain Conditional Registration the vehicle operator must provide the RMS with:

  1. Proof of your identity and ownership (bill of sale, previous registration, will, etc). Joint names are not allowed
  2. A completed Application for Conditional Registration – Historic Vehicle Declaration form (white 1259) signed by a club official stating the member is financial and that the vehicle meets the criteria for a Historic Vehicle
  3. Notification of car clubs for which they have membership and nominating a Primary club. The listed clubs must be on the RMS’s approved list for Conditional Registration (e.g. GEAR, ARDC or Appendix J are not listed)
  4. Either a roadworthiness declaration issued by the car club (valid for 42 days these are not issued by the MGCC) OR a standard safety inspection report (pink slip)
  5. A registration fee which includes an administration fee, number plate fee and CTP insurance. This insurance only covers you on roads or road-related areas (eg footpaths, nature strips, public driveways, public car parks etc), but not on private property.

What the MGCC Wants

If you nominate the MGCC as your Primary Club then you must have your car inspected and provide the club’s plate registrar with:

  1. A photocopy of your Application for Conditional Registration – Historic Vehicle Declaration form (1259) – the vehicle does not have to be an MG
  2. Photocopied evidence that the vehicle is currently insured with at least 3rd party property damage insurance.
  3. A copy of a valid safety inspection report (pink slip)
  4. MG Car Club Declaration. (this can be downloaded from the club website)
  5. $20.00 Club Administration Fee.

You must also have been a member of the club for at least six months unless a vehicle already under MGCC membership, with or without Conditional Registration is passed on/transferred/sold to a close member of the same family. Inspections can be done at the Club’s monthly Members Gatherings or on the 4th Friday of the month at Seven Hills.

Each year when your registration needs to be renewed you will need to follow the same procedure. You cannot post your forms to be signed.

To Comply with Conditional Registration

The operator may use the vehicle:

  1. In accordance with the conditions listed on the Certificate of Approved Operations issued by the RMS. This Certificate must be carried in the vehicle at all times along with proof of your membership
  2. To carry one person per seating position and seat belts must be worn, where fitted
  3. Interstate, continuously for a period of 3 months
  4. Remain a financial member of their nominated club.

You will breach Conditional Registration if you:-

  1. Submit an invalid 1259 form or continue to operate the vehicle if your MGCC membership lapses
  2. Temporarily transfer plates to another historic vehicle for the purpose of moving it
  3. Cease to be a resident of NSW
  4. Make major alterations to the vehicle that you do not disclose to the RMS (engine, chassis, etc) or disqualify it as a Historic Vehicle in the eyes of the MGCC
  5. Sell the vehicle and do not return the plates to the RMS within the approved time frame –usually 14 days.

There is currently a Log Book Trial being offered by the RMS where you can drive the vehicle for an unrestricted 60 days per year. Your journey must be recorded before you leave home when using the 60 day log book trial. Club Events are additional to the 60 days and you are not required to list these club events in your logbook.

All renewals and applications for new Conditional Registration must be made through the Club Plate Registrar.

Brian Woolmer:

Conditional Registration Documentation

Download relevant documentation from following links (‘right-click’ and ‘save-as’):

2017 Historic Vehicle Declaration [PDF]

2017 MGCC Conditional Registration Agreement [PDF]