Seeking Information About the History of MGTD TD2305

We have been contacted by a friend of the club seeking information about the history of the MGTD you see above, chassis number TD2305. If anyone can help, please get in touch via Andy at The chassis number is TD2305 and the original engine number is XPAG|TD|2789, although it now ... More

2019 June Magnette Run to Southern Highlands

Photo Gallery: June 2019 Magnette Run to the Southern Highlands

Sunday, the 23rd of June, 2019, saw the club off to the Southern Highlands for a run kindly hosted by Peter Baldry and the Magnette Register. Scroll along and enjoy some photos of the run with thanks to Ingo Weinberger. After dire weather predictions for Sunday, we were greeted with a lovely winter's day. We kicked off ... More

Mid-Week Muster at Henry Kendal Cottage

Photo Gallery: June 2019 Mid-Week Muster to Henry Kendal Cottage & The Historical Museum

June 2019's Mid-Week Muster was held at Henry Kendal Cottage, where we caught up to explore the historical museum before enjoying a mid-week picnic. Scroll on, and enjoy some photos of the day thanks to Ingo Weinberger. (more…) More

MG Motors Ryde

Photo Gallery: June Gathering at MG Motors Ryde

Our June 2019 Members Gathering saw a change of venue to MG Motors Ryde for an opportunity to get to know our new MG dealership in Ryde, take a look at the new cars and enjoy a social evening together. Scroll on for a few photos from the evening, with thanks to Ingo Weinberger. Image thanks to John Clarke The night ... More

Illawarra Register Run to Fitzroy Falls and Grandpa’s Shed

Recapping the Illawarra Register Run to Fitzroy Falls and Grandpa’s Shed

Recap Thursday the 23rd of May's Illawarra Register run to Fitzroy Falls and Grandpa's Shed with this report and photo gallery thanks to Michael Hough. (more…) More