MG Car Club Sydney October Members Gathering MGB Special Presentation

Photo Gallery: October 2017 Members Gathering at the MG Centre of Sydney

Our October 2017 Members Gathering changed up the venue a little bit, moving to the MG Centre of Sydney for a workshop night. We kicked off in the early evening sunshine, enjoying the benefits of the recent swap to daylight savings time, and had a barbecue outside before moving in to the workshop itself. Once inside, we ... More

October 2017 Opposite Lock

The October 2017 Edition of Opposite Lock is On Its Way

The October 2017 edition of Opposite Lock has been sent to the printers and will make its way to your mailbox shortly. This month's features include: Touring Britain's Motor Museums Discovering another classic MG TF We didn't make it - a good Samaritan saves the day Along with much more! Opposite Lock ... More

September 2017 Illawarra Register Run to Minamurra Rain Forest

Photo Gallery: September 2017 Illawarra Register Run to Minnamurra Rainforest

On Thursday the 28th of September, we got together for a run to the Minnamurra Rainforest, organised by Michael Hough and the Illawarra Register. We met for a walk along the boardwalk to the falls, which were sadly dry after the incredibly arid weather in recent months. After the refreshing walk, we gathered for morning ... More

September 2017 MG Car Club Run to Lunch in the Southern Highlands

Photo Gallery: September 2017 Run to Lunch in the Southern Highlands

John Carter's September 2017 TC run was a lovely opportunity to get out and enjoy our MGs in the manner for which they were designed, driving beautiful country roads in perfect cruising weather. On Sunday the 25th of September the club met, as is car run tradition, at McDonalds. We kicked off the road trip in Camden and ... More

MG Car Club Mid-Week Muster to Mt Kembla Village Hotel

Photo Gallery: September 2017 Mid-Week Muster at Mount Kembla Hotel

Wednesday the 20th of September saw the club get together for the monthly Mid-Week Muster organised by Bob Parkinson. Scroll on, and enjoy some photos of the event with thanks to Ingo Weinberger. This time out we offered two options to get together for a gentle run, starting in either Heathcote or Narellan and heading ... More