The MG Car Club Sydney Club Library

Over the years The MG Car Club Sydney has compiled quite a collection of books and videos into a library full of useful information for members.

The library is for members’ use only and offers material with a one month borrowing period. The library is made available at each Monthly Gathering, so the borrowing period tends to be from one monthly gathering to the next.

Books are made available for free, while videos are hired out at a small cost.

Every effort is to be made to return items on time so that other Club members may avail themselves of the services.

Members unable to attend the monthly gatherings may avail themselves of the library by phoning the librarian with their requirements. The requested item will be forwarded by post at the borrower’s cost.

Books listed under a model’s heading are specific to that model. Where a book covers several models it will be listed under each of them.

Club Library Catalogue

MG Pre-War

B 21 ‘The Collection – Pre-War Details of the Pre-War Models
B 24 ‘Maintaining the Breed’ – John Thornley The Saga of MG Racing Cars
B 35 ‘MG Road Cars – Vol. 1 All About 4 cyl. OHC Models
B 45 ‘Tuning and Maint. of MGs’ – Smith P Type to TD
B 61 ‘MG Road Cars – Vol 2 All About 6 cyl. OHC Models
B 74 ‘ELC2 – Portfolio of a K3′ Many Detailed Photographs

Pre-War Workshop Manuals

MG Workshop and Tuning Manual – Blower
M Type Handbook – A Photo Copy
Pre-War Parts Catalogue – Walker/ Naylor/Moss

MG T & Y

B8 ‘The Immortal T Series‘ – Chris Harvey History of the T Series
B10 ‘M.G. TC 1945′ Road Tests and Articles
B11 ‘TCs Forever’ – Mike Sherrel By Australia’s own Expert
B31 ‘Original T Series’ – Clausager Detail Reference
B36 ‘MG Y Types Saloons and Tourers’ – Lawson All There is to Know About Ys
B39 ‘The Complete Rest. Guide ‘– Schach The American Approach
B42 ‘T Register UK Year Books’ Collection of Annual Publications.
B45 ‘Tuning and Maintenance of MGs’ – Smith P Type to TD
B51 ‘T Series Restoration Guide’ – Green Packed with Practical Hints
B58 ‘Y Types & ZA-ZB Magnettes’ About these Models
B64 ‘Let There be Ys’ – David Lawrence Detailed Restoration Guide
B66 ‘T Series and Pre-War Midgets’ About the Original Midgets

MG T & R Workshop Manuals

TC Handbook – The Brown Book
TD & TF Factory – AKD 580A
TC Parts Catalogue – Moss
MG Workshop & Tuning Manual – Blower
Y Type W/Shop Manual – A copy
Y Type – Supplement to Maint. Manual
T Register UK Booklets – Steering, Suspension, Electrics, Gearbox


B26 ‘Original MGA’ – Clausager The Ultimate Reference on Originality
B27 ‘MGA Restoration Guide’ – M Green Covers all Aspects
B55 ‘First of a New Line’ – John Williams Lots of Period Photos
B56 ‘MGA History and Restoration Guide’ – Vitrikas From the USA – A New Approach
B79 ‘MGA, MGB & MGC’ – Robson An Older Publication
B87 ‘MGA 1955 – 1982′ A Brooklands Book
B95 ‘Call it MGA’ – Martin and Hubbard About the Development of the MGA

MG A Workshop Manuals

W10 MGA 1500 – Factory Manual
W11 MGA Twin Cam – Factory Manual
W12 Special Tuning AKD 8190

MG Midget

B26 ‘Original Sprite and Midget’ – The Ultimate Reference on Originality
B33 ‘Guide to DIY MG Midget’ – Porter Covers all Aspects of Restoration
B43 Power Tune Midget & Sprite’ – Stapleton All there is to know about tuning

MG Midget Workshop Manuals

W17 Midget 948cc AKD 1775
W18 Midget Mk I, Mk II, Mk III Mech. Parts List
W19 Midget MkI & MkII 948, 1098
W20 Midget Mk I, Mk II. Mk III Body Parts List
W45 Midget Mk II & Mk III Body Parts List
W46 Midget Mk iI 7 Mk III Mech, Parts List
W37 Special Tuning – Factory

MG B, C & V8s

B1 ‘Original B, C and V8′ – Clausager  Detailed Originality Reference
B2 ‘MGB Service Guide’ – Lindsay Porter How to Maintain Your Car
B3 & 74 ‘MGB Guide to Purchase’ What to Look For in a Car
B4 ‘MGB Super Profile’ – Lindsay Porter The Title Says it All
B5 ‘MGB GT & V8′ – Wilson McComb Detailed Description
B5 ‘MGB Restoration Preparation & Maintenance’ – Tyler New Approach
B32 ‘MG V8 21 Years On’ – David Knowles GTV8 & RV8
B40 ‘Power Tune MGB-4cyl’. – Burgess A ‘Go Faster’ Manual
B41 ‘MGC- Abingdon’s Grand Tourer’ – Robson All About the MGC
B54 ‘MGC and Safety Fast Articles’ from Safety Fast over 30 Years
B86 ‘MGB Restoration’ Practical Classics
B91 ‘Guide to MGB Problems’ And How to Solve Them

MG B, C & V8s Workshop Manuals

W2 MGB Factory – Australian
W4 MGB Parts List
W16 MGC – Factory
W26 MGB Manual – Auto Books

MG 1100 & Magnette

B58 ‘Y Type & ZA – ZB Magnette’ About these Models

MG 1100 & Magnette Workshop Manuals

W13 ZA Magnette AKD 573 – Factory
W14 MkIII Magnette Body Manual
W15 ZA Magnette Body Manual
W21 1100 BMC Factory
W23 1100 MkI Autopress
W25 ZA Magnette Operating Manual

Late Model MGs – Metro, RV8, MG F, MG TF & Z

B34 ‘Metro’ – Mark Stewart All About this Model
B48 ‘Project Phoenix’ – Ian Adcock The Story of the Design of MG F
B83 ‘RV8 Workshop Notes’ From the V8 Register in UK
B97 ‘MG F and TF Buyers Guide’ What to Look for in these Models

Late Model MGs – Metro, RV8, MG F, MG TF & Z Workshop Manuals

W3 MG F MkI (95-99) Factory

General MG Books

B7 ‘MG’ – Wilson Mc Comb The ultimate reference, covers all models
B9 ‘MG ABC’ – Chris Harvey Details of these three model
B12 ‘MG Past & Present ‘- Rivers Fletcher Mainly Pre-War with personal experiences
B13 ‘Development of the V8′ – Hayter Interesting Recollections
B14 ‘MG Buyers Guide’ – Richard Knudson What to look for when buying an MG
B16 ‘MG Odyssey’ – Ken McKimmie Driving a Magnette from Perth to Brisbane
B18 ‘Automobile Quarterly Features’ MGs plus other makes
B19 ‘The Magic of MG’ – Mike Allison Both these books
B20 ‘The Magic of the Marque’ – Mike Allison Deal with all models.
B21 ‘The MG’ – Wilson McComb A small pocket size MG book
B22 ‘The Classic MG’ – Richard Aspden Nice large photographs
B23 ‘MG Sports Cars 1949-1981′ Articles from Road and Track
B28 ‘Wooden Body Framing’ – Alderwick Techniques of this aspect of restoration
B29 ‘Making MGs’ – Williams Photos in the Factory
B30 ‘MGs Down Under’ – Lake History of MGs in Australia
B37 ‘Panel Beating in Australia, and NZ’ – Waite Both these books
B38 ‘Spray Painting’ – Al Propert TAFE text books
B44 ‘Cecil Kimber Centenary Book’ The file on the man who started it all.
B47 ‘Aspects of Abingdon’ – Marcham Rhoade Describes the building of Bs and Midgets
B49 & B15 ‘MG Sports Cars’ – Autocar Road Tests Covers most models
B50 ‘SU Carburettors’ – Tuning Tips All you want to know about SUs
B52 ‘Great Marques’ – Chris Harvey Wonderful close-up photos
B57 ‘Rallying in a Works MG’ – Shaw Rallying in Y Types and Magnettes
B60 ‘The MG Log’ – Haining Told by people who were there
B62 ‘MG Collectables’ – Ellman Brown Memorabilia galore
B66 & B1 ‘MG Engines ‘34 to ’98′ – Cairns You will be the expert
B67 ‘Advertising MG 1929-55’ All the old ads
B68 ‘MG Saloon Cars’ – Clausager Deals with all the closed MGs
B69 ‘Bathurst – Motor Racing’ The races 1937 to 1973
B70 ‘MGA to Z – Wood’ Interesting snippets
B73 ‘Motor Trader’ Tests Many models
B76 ‘MG Sports Cars’ – Malcolm Green Large coffee Table book
B77 ‘The Collection – Post War’ All Models since WW II
B78 ‘The Works MGs’ – Allison and Browning MGs in competition
B80 ‘MG 1911 – 1978′ Filby A short condensed history
B81 ‘The MG Companion’ – Ullyet An older publication
B85 ‘M.G.C.C. the First 70 Years’ The history of our parent Club
B88 ‘Twice Lucky’ – Stuart Turner In charge of the competition dept.
B89 ‘CAMS Manual’ – 2003 All the competition regulations
B90 ‘Mr. MG’ – Peter Thornley Biography pf John Thornley
B92 ‘Jack Brabham’ Biography of our famous Champ
B93 ‘QMGCC Concours Procedure Manual’ Another Clubs Ideas
B96 ‘Classic Car Components’ The repair of many items

General MG Videos

V1 Inside the Octagon History of Cecil Kimber and MG Cars
V2 MGB Experience All about this particular Model
V3 Battle of the Bs MGB Racing on Circuits in the UK
V4 MG National Meeting 1993 Full Coverage of this Natmeet in Adelaide
V5 Stripping – Rebuilding an XPAG Engine Demonstrating the Title
V6 Shell History of Motor Sport Vol 1 Historic Motor Racing 1901 to 1934
V7 Shell History of Motor Sport Vol 2 From 1935 to 1951
V8 MG Magic MG’s at Brooklands and Silverstone
V9 & V15 MG Sports Car of the Year Mainly MG As
V10 MG National Meeting Newcastle 1985 A short coverage of this Event
V11 MGB the Video Story of the MGB from its conception
V12 SU Carburettors Rebuilding of 4 different types of SUs
V13 Great Marques MG Featuring 20 cars up to the BGTV8
V14 Guide to MGB Maintenance Showing Routine Maintenance
V16 Best of British – MG Comprehensive of the Marque
V17 MG Magic Four interesting segments
V18 MG Film Library No1 Interesting historic material
V19 MG Natmeet – Hobart 1998 Covering the Events of this Natmeet
V20 MG club Spring Rally Filmed by a Club member
V21, 22 & 23 Engines for MGs Computer discs of the book
V24 Goodwood Festival of Speed Historic Racing
V25 Tour de Mudgee – 1997 A record of this Club event
V26 Natmeet Newcastle – 2000 What Natmeets are all about
V27 Jaguar – The Racing History Non Marque but fascinating
V28 MGs Across America – Part 1 About the MG Clubs in USA
V29 MGs Across America – Part 2 A continuation of the story
V30 Tour de Cowra – 2001 A record of this Club event
V32 The Man – Sir Len Sutherland A collector of cars in NZ
V34 Mountain Rally – 1992 Many Club members feature
V35 Tour de Forster – 2003 A record of this Club event
V36 MG – The Legend – DVD About the Modern MGs
V37 Natmeet – Warwick 2004 Another in our Natmeet Series
V38 Rebuilding TD/TF Gearbox
V39 MotorkhanaStart to Finish From CAMS
V40 Parts Catalogue – MGB Full Parts Catalogue on CD
V41 An MG is Born 230 min DVD Rebuilding an MGB