Renew or Apply for Conditional Registration using the MG Car Club Sydney Membership System

The MG Car Club Sydney assists in the administration of the conditional registration program, but is not responsible for legal enforcement issues. That is a matter between the police, roads and maritime services (RMS) and the operator of the vehicle.

For our purposes, the only original document we need to process is the Historic Vehicle Declaration. This document will be signed and stamped by the plate registrar and returned to you to present to the RMS along with your original pink slip and registration renewal documents when you go to register your vehicle. The club will retain copies of all your documents in the Wild Apricot System.

  1. Ensure that you are able to login to your member page
  2. Download and complete the following documents then scan them into your computer to the desktop or another folder.  Use file names that help to identify the content including the month and year, eg 0124_HDec, 0124_ClubDec, 0124_Pink Slip, 0124_Renew etc:
  3. Upload copies of these documents into your member profile as follows:
    1. Log in to your member profile
    2. Select ‘Edit Profile’ (whenever you need to change any details)
    3. Scroll down until you see a ‘CHOOSE FILES’ button and select it. A dialogue box will display
    4. Browse to locate the documents on your computer and then use ctrl+click to select one or all of the documents
    5. Select ‘Open’ and the files will be copied into your member profile
    6. Finish by clicking the ‘Save’ button
  4. When renewing, upload copies of your current pink slip and renewal notice and SMS or email the plate register when ready
  5. When received, pay the club invoice for the conditional registration fee ($20) using Wild Apricot
  6. The plate registrar will return your Historic Vehicle Declaration or Classic Vehicle Declaration to you by post. If the plate registrar is concerned about the eligibility of the vehicle, they may refer you to one of the following businesses for a second opinion.
    • Peninsula Sports Cars – 37 Winbourne Ave. Brookvale 9907 2069
    • Moxham Garage – 7/5B Lucca Road, Wyong 2259, 9484 5909
    • MG Centre of Sydney – U25/20 Tucks Rd Seven Hills 9838 9732
    • Nepean Classic Muscle and Kustom Cars – 6/123 Coreen Ave, Penrith NSW 2750 (02) 4732 3211
    • Bob Rowntree Automotive – 2 Kathleen Place, Thirlmere NSW 2572 02 46830618
  7. Visit Service NSW with your original documentation to complete the process.

NOTE: When you have correctly uploaded your Historic Vehicle and Club Declaration you DO NOT have to upload them again for the years ahead

When you have registered your car, remember to update the next renewal date in your member profile and delete unwanted documents.

Classic vehicle owners must get final sign-off from the CMC. Pay the CMC their $25 fee by cheque or money order to PO Box 174 Bexley NSW 2207 or direct deposit to CMC CVS Ltd Bendigo Bank BSB 633 000 Account 186322772. Ensure your EFT payment is identified with your surname.

If you need assistance along the way or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the club plate registrar via email at [email protected]

Postal address: PO Box 363 Seaforth 2092 NSW