The MG Car Club Sydney Magnette Register

Peter Baldry is The MG Car Club Sydney’s Magnette Registrar. You can contact him on 0407 102 279 or send him an email at [email protected].

Magnette ZA, ZB and ZBV 1953 – 1958, Mark 3 and Mark 4  1958 – 1968

The Magnette is a ruggedly built, high quality, sedan with more than average performance for its weight and price. It does go a long way toward the seemingly impossible goal of comfortable, all-weather capacity for four passengers combined with sports car roadability and handling characteristics. The suspension is firmer than average due to the use of some MG roadster components and powerful telescopic shock absorbers. Steering is by rack and pinion, precise and almost free of shocks.The car is powered by a four-cylinder, overhead valve engine of 1489cc displacement with two SU side draft carburetors developing 60bhp at 4500 rpm with a four speed transmission floor mounted.

Quality finish and good workmanship are apparent throughout the Magnette. The body panels are well fitted and beautifully finished and the chrome grille, trim and window mouldings are top quality. The seats are firm, deeply cushioned foam rubber upholstered faces in genuine leather.

The one piece body-frame is very solid and the inrerior of the car is well laid out and there is ample room in all directions.

The Magnette is a handsome four-passenger car with deep down comfort, lively performance, excellent riding and handling qualities and the inherent durability to provide years of enjoyable, trouble-free service.

Road Test Report 1956