Meet the MG Car Club Sydney MGB Sebring/Le Mans Replica!

MG Car Club Sydney MGB Sebring Le Mans Replica

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The MG Car Club Sydney is a warm, welcoming and helpful community for MG owners and enthusiasts. We gather together around our cars to share friendship, knowledge and the love of MGs.

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Winter is on the Way! Be prepared with an MG Car Club Jacket.

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july, 2020

Opposite Lock

Opposite Lock July 2020

Opposite Lock is our monthly Club magazine. It is a benefit of membership and posted to all members of The MG Car Club Sydney. It has a distribution of over 800 copies each month.

July’s edition of Opposite Lock features ‘Love My Car’, ‘Buchanan Bodied T-Types’, ‘The Phoenix Rising’, ‘Original Interior Trim Mk 1 MGB’ and more.

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