Michael Hough’s November 2018 Illawarra Register Report

Michael Hough's November 2018 Illawarra Register Report shares the Illawarra Register's 2019 calendar as well as a few nice shots from a previous run to HARS and the OzFlightSim Expo. (more…) More

2018 MG Car Club Sydney Concours Display Day

November 2018’s Classic TF Registrar’s Report

Catch up on all the news in the world of Classic TF, including an awesome story from John Chadban about the restoration of his TF1250, in Michael Hough's latest Classic TF registrar's report. (more…) More

August 2018’s Illawarra Register Report

Image thanks to Ingo Weinberger All the news in our Illawarra Register, with thanks to Illawarra shepherd Michael Hough. Catch up on July's activities and look forward to the second half of the year in this August 2018 report. August 2018 MG Car Club Sydney Illawarra Register Report By Michael Hough The deadline for ... More

MG TF Classic

Classic TF Registrar’s Report: August 2018

Read on for all the news in the Classic TF Register in August, 2018, thanks to Registrar Michael Hough. Classic TF Registrar's Report: August 2018 By Michael Hough Welcome to another month of interest in MG motoring! In this seventh Classic TF Registrar’s report for Opposite Lock 2018 I want to: Remind ... More

The June 2018 Illawarra Register Report

Read on for the latest from the Illawarra Register including a report on the recent run very kindly hosted by Claude Harris and the Harris family. Report by, and thanks to, Michael Hough June 2018 Illawarra Register Report It is with pleasure that I can report on the second of 2018’s MG Car Club (Illawarra Register) ... More