2019 MG Car Club Concours and Display Day Draft Programme and Welcome

On behalf of MG Car Club Sydney we wish you a special welcome to our annual Concours and Display day, which will be held on Sunday the 20th of October, 2019.

The Concours and Display Day is the premium opportunity for you to show off your car and for the MG Car Club to show off our club. We hope you have an enjoyable day and please feel free to approach any of the club members or officials and ask about their cars or the club activities.

There is the famous Abingdon Café, which offers various food and cold drinks and a coffee van for tea, hot chocolate and coffee. There is also a tent offering MG regalia, club apparel and information about the club.

For each MG there is a Concours class and a Show & Shine class. The Concours class is judged on the points for presentation and originality and the Show & Shine class is judged only on presentation. You may also present your car with a “Not to be Judged” notice – or simply do not place your judging sheet on the windscreen. You need to decide which of these three options you wish to choose.

The cars need to be in position by 9.00am and stay in position until after 2.30pm. Cars in the Concourse class are encouraged to face towards the MG Marquee and the remaining cars should face the Parramatta River.

As a way of learning more about your car, you are encouraged to volunteer to assist the judges. Simply join the judges briefing at 8.45am and introduce yourself to the Concours captain. Volunteers are also required to assist with the dismantling of the marquees and general tidy up of the Silverwater park at the end of the event

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the MG TB launched in May 1939, the 70th Anniversary of the MG TD launched in 1949, and 60th anniversaries of the MG Magnette Mark III and MGA 1600.

We hope you and your families have a safe and enjoyable day.

Allen Gower, MG Car Club Sydney Concours & Display Day Co-ordinator

Draft Programme for the Event

  • 6.30am Delivery and set-up of PA system
  • 6.30am install road signs on Silverwater Road turn-off to the Park
  • 6.30am Delivery and erection of marquees, banners and signs
  • 7.00am Delivery of BBQ and chairs for Abingdon Café
  • 7.00am Delivery and set up of coffee van – Café Lovers
  • 7.30-8.00am Abingdon Café open for business
  • 7.30am Gates open for display cars
  • 9.00am Judges briefing begins
  • 9..00am Display cars to be in position
  • 9.30am Entry gate closes – cyclist path open
  • 9.30am Class judging begins
  • Approx 1.00 pm Class winners called forward for outright judging
  • Approx 2.00pm Presentation of awards and trophies begins


  • 2.30pm Official end of the event and cars start leaving
  • 3.30pm Dismantling of marquees signs and clean-up begins
  • 4.30pm Clean-up complete

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