2020 Sydney MG National Meeting Club Shirt Pre-Order Now Available

The new design for our 2020 Sydney MG National Meeting club shirt is now available for pre-order through our regalia store on the website.

The shirt is based off our existing two-panel light and dark blue poly cotton Club polo and will be embroidered with “SYDNEY, MG NATIONAL MEETING, 2020 Albury – Wodonga” under the MG Car Club shield. It’s available in both women’s and men’s sizes at the same member’s price as the regular club polo.

If you have already purchased one of these polos from regalia and are attending the 2020 National Meeting, the Club will have the additional National Meeting embroidery done for you at no cost. Members wanting to take advantage of this should bring their polo to the February Member’s Gathering.

Pre-order your polo from the regalia store by clicking this link for women’s sizes and this link for men’s sizes. Members, don’t forget to use your code for your member discount.

Please place your order no later than the 2nd of February, 2020, as we need time to have the shirts embroidered before the national meeting.

Members will be notified when the polos are available and arrangements made for collection. Any polos not collected will be brought to the National Meeting.

2020 MG Natmeet Polo Shirt Design

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