Photo Gallery: Mid-Week Muster to Flinders Slopes

Wednesday the 18th of April saw the Mid-Week Muster crew meet at Flinders Slopes in Landsdown for a social mid-month catch-up. Read on for a few words on the day thanks to Ingo, as well as his lovely photo gallery.

Mid-Week Muster to Flinders Slopes

The usual mid-week muster crew met at Flinders Slopes, Landsdown for a picnic lunch. I counted 12 MGs along with a Morris Minor, Jaguar, Toyota and a Holden.

Very pleasant surroundings, although the vegetation was very much in need of rain. Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Brian McKenzie, Ana Valente never lets us down with her cakes. They were ‘long distance’ travellers from Kensington, as was George Berger from Bondi, Angela & Richard Hyde from somewhere in the North Shore and Peter Baldry from the Blue Mountains.

Col Harper suggested Parramatta Lakes next time, walking distance.

Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger

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