The August 2017 Edition of Opposite Lock is On Its Way!

The August edition of Opposite Lock is hot off the presses and has been left to the tender mercies of Australia Post as it makes its way to you.

This month’s features include:

  • Ross and Jo McMillan in Brian Crawford’s Y Saloon
  • Wrap-ups of the Wakefield Park Supersprint, MGY 70th anniversary and Cradle Coast National Meeting
  • A Classic TF Story
  • Travelling Through Iran

And much, much more!

This edition, along with the three prior magazines, was prepared by Veronica Gillmer. Veronica has very kindly looked after the magazine while long-time editor Ros Bastian was travelling overseas. We’d like to send a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to Veronica for all the hard work and for the excellent stewardship of the magazine over these recent months.

The Opposite Lock is provided to members of The MG Car Club Sydney. To become a member, or learn more about why you should, view our ‘Membership’ page here and take a browse around the site to see what we’re up to.

The Opposite Lock August 2017

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