Classic TF Registrar’s Report: August 2018

Read on for all the news in the Classic TF Register in August, 2018, thanks to Registrar Michael Hough.

Classic TF Registrar’s Report: August 2018

By Michael Hough

Welcome to another month of interest in MG motoring!

In this seventh Classic TF Registrar’s report for Opposite Lock 2018 I want to:

  • Remind everyone of our big second-half year Classic TF event – the Annual MG Car Club Sydney Concours and Display Day in October
  • Close a dialogue I started a few months ago about organising an import of five-speed Classic TF gearbox conversions
  • Advise on some rare T series model kits (TC and Classic TF) that I am offering for sale for pickup at the display day or at any Illawarra Register run

So, let’s get started!

The Second-Half of 2018 Classic TF Register Run to the MG Car Club Sydney Car Show and Display Day

The second Classic TF Register run of 2018 will be held on Sunday the 21st of October at Silverwater Park.

I am very pleased to report that our Classic TF turnout is now one of the strongest register turnouts at each display day. I again want to thank each and every person who supports us in achieving this.

In 2016 we set our record turnout, with 14 cars displayed at the event. Let’s try and reach that number again this Sunday October 21st!

Five-Speed Gearboxes for Classic TFs

A few months ago I began a dialogue in Opposite Lock to see whether we could get a group of interested purchasers together to consider importing five-speed gearbox conversions from the UK. These conversions do not require alteration of the car’s interior to fit, which makes them a compelling option.

As there has been zero interest from members, I will consider this topic closed.

For Sale: Rare Model Kits for Selected S Series MGs

I have accumulated a number of relatively rare Corgi/Matchbox T Series models of TCs and Classic TFs. You can see images of the kits alongside this article and a list of available kits including details will follow.

If you’re interested in one, please ring me, Michael Hough, to reserve and pick it up at any Illawarra Register run or at the display day in October. Cash on delivery please.

With that, we reach the end of another news bulletin! Enjoy your motoring, and I hope to see you at an Illawarra Register run, the Club display day or an MG event soon.

Michael Hough,
Classic TF Registrar
[email protected]
0418 424 748

Classic TF Models

Corgi ‘50s Classic 1:43 Scale (Made 1984)

  • Classic TF 1250 boxed. DK Green Duco, no hood, tan U/H, luggage rack. Two available at $45 each
  • Classic TF 1250 no box. As above. One only at $20

Corgi Classics 1:43 Scale (Made 1985)

  • Classic TF 1250 boxed. Blue duco with 113 racing number. Tan U/H, no hood, aero screens, luggage rack. Two available at $45 each
  • Classic TF 1250 no box. Off white duco, burgundy guards, black hood, tan U/H, luggage rack. One only at $25

MG TC Model

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear 1:35 Scale (Made 1977)

  • 1945 MG TC boxed. Green duco, tan hood, red U/H, racing number 3. Eight available. $40 each

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