The February 2018 Classic TF Registrar’s Report

Catch up on all the news in the world of the Classic TF, thanks to this report of February 2018’s activities, by Michael Hough.

Welcome to another successful year of interest and activity in MG motoring!

In this second TF Registrar’s report for Opposite Lock 2018 I want to:

  • Give you the main details of the 2018 Classic TF Register run, which will be held on Sunday the 6th of May, at Wings Over Illawarra
  • Give a quick pictorial review of the Concours-winning Classic TF at last October’s Club Display Day
  • Provide a preview of the material that I plan to cover in later editions of Opposite Lock 2018, together with my invitation to each of you to get your computer ‘warmed up’ to provide an article for Opposite Lock

So, let’s get started!

The Annual TF Register Run: Wings Over Illawarra 2018

This month I want to again plug the annual TF Register run to the two-day air show Wings Over Illawarra on Sunday the 6th of May, 2018. I invite all MG car owners to join us in an MG and hope that we can gather as many Classic TFs for the run as possible!

For full details of WOI 18, including keeping up to date with the flying program see the official website at this link. At this stage we have had confirmation of the FW 190 / F86 Sabre and Spitfire committing to appear, as well as a strong ADF presence from both the RAAF, the RAN Fleet Air Arm and the Army Parachute Training School.

WOI 18 is a two-day air show with a similar program being offered on both the Saturday and the Sunday (05/06 May 2018). So, you could attend one or both days but I am requesting that we concentrate on maximising the MG Car Club  attendance for the Sunday 06 May.

Here is what you need to do to register your MG and support the Classic TF run. It’s a web based process:

  1. Head to the Wings Over Illawarra Website
  2. Click on ‘Get Involved’ in the top menu, then click on the drop-down menu item ‘Classic Motor Clubs’
  3. Register your car as attending with the MG Car Club of Sydney on the Sunday
  4. Submit your completed registration, by hitting ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page

You will receive both an email confirmation and a complimentary admission ticket for you as the driver, but not for any passenger(s).  Admission charges: each pre-registered car and driver is free, but any passenger(s) need to pay the admission charge.


  • The WOI 18 organizers see the classic cars as a part of the air show exhibits, and therefore require each car to be in place by 0830 and commit to staying until the end of the air show at approx. 1700, so it is a LONG (but very enjoyable) day. Please do not book unless you are willing to meet these conditions. Thank you.
  • I have already registered the MG Car Club Sydney as attending and as it is an approved run for the club, classic plate registered vehicles are eligible to attend without using up one of your log book days
  • If you have any difficulties registering please contact me by mobile asap! (0418 424 748).

The Concours Winning Classic TF in the 2017 Car Show and Display Day

It is very satisfying to report that our Classic TF turnout is now one of the strongest register turnouts at each October Display day. I want to thank each and every person who supports us in this way.

The competition was again very strong and the standard of the Classic TFs on display each year just gets better and better!

The winning car last year was the beautiful TF 1500 owned by our Club Vice President Bob Smith. I have been pestering him for a short article, but without success so far, so this is just a pictorial review of the winning car, and I hope that Bob will relent and give us some history and an owner’s perspective in a later edition of Opposite Lock.

In the meantime, enjoy the attached photos of this immaculate classic sports car in the absolutely stunning combination of red duco and cream upholstery!

Upcoming Classic TF Reports

In the first half of 2018 I plan to report on both the Wings Over Illawarra air show and on the winning and display cars at last year’s MG Car Club Sydney’s Concours and Display Day to ‘whet your appetite’ to get these lovely little classics out and about, culminating in attending the WOI 18 Air Show on Sunday 07th May.

In the second half of the year I will concentrate Opposite Lock articles on the lead-up to the October major Club event – the 2018 Concours and Display day.

What is particularly welcome at any time is your story about owning or operating a Classic TF, or an MG in general. I’ve been very  encouraged by a number of articles of this type submitted during 2017, so again I extend the invitation to each of our readers – please write and tell us about yourself and your cars!

I want to thank Phil Clarke from Griffith NSW- who has recently joined the Club. Phil travelled up from Griffith especially to last October’s Display day to meet with us and inspect classic TFs, and after doing his homework has purchased one interstate. Even better, he has already written and submitted a story to Ros, Opposite Lock editor, about acquiring the 1954 Classic TF he has now christened ‘Tiffany’. Well done mate and welcome to the fold! You can read that story on the club website.

I have now also written and submitted to the editor Part 2 of a sequence of short stories about some of the MG and British cars I have owned and enjoyed, and I hope this spurs you on to do the same.

Enjoy your motoring!

Michael Hough,
Classic TF Registrar

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