Run Report: The Illawarra Register Run to Morning Tea in the Minnamurra Rainforest

On Thursday the 28th of September the club met with the Illawarra Register for a run to the Minnamurra Rainforest followed by a relaxed and social morning tea. Read on for a report on the day, with thanks to Michael Hough.

Thanks to Michael Hough, Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger

Hi to each of you! It is with pleasure that I report on a recent event – the MG Car Club of Sydney and Jaguar Drivers of Australia Illawarra Registers’ Morning Tea and a Walk Through the Minnamurra Rainforest (near Jamberoo) on Thursday 28th September.

We had very good support from both clubs with 13 from the MG Car Club and approximately 20 from the Jaguar Club.

As it is now a regular occurrence, it was really good to see people beginning to mix socially, chat and inspect different cars and then at morning tea sit in mixed groups at tables. To paraphrase an ancient joke – we all have a common enemy – “Lucas Prince Of Darkness” – across both marques!

Unfortunately, the Rainforest is VERY dry and on the day the wind was quite fierce for driving with hoods down, but fortunately the actual site is nestled into a steep valley which was well protected from the wind.

Illawarra Register Minamurra Rainforest

It is a NPWS controlled site, so we all paid the required admission fee, parked and chatted for a while, and then wandered off through some very clearly marked suspended metal walkways which enable the underlying rainforest to be relatively unaffected by visitors trampling over it!

You can see from the accompanying photos that it is all done by NPWS staff to a very high standard, and it was a pity that it was just so dry and that normally flowing creek beds were down to a trickle or dry.

After an hour or so leisurely or fast walking (dependent entirely on your individual mood or ambition as to how many of the walking tracks you actually covered) we all headed towards the NPWS café. This was well-located near the non-flowing creek bed and in a more normal rainfall period (it IS a rainforest after all) would be a really delightful spot.

The coffee and food was good and the company was great. We even had a tame lyrebird wander through the tables!

People began to drift away when it suited them and it was another low key very pleasant event, which is the whole aim of the Illawarra Register!

My thanks to all who have supported us this year in the MG Car Club Illawarra register events! My special thanks to all those who contributed articles and photos and in particular, to Ingo Winberger for his constant photographic and personal support.

Best regards,

Michael Hough
Illawarra Register Secretary

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