Photo Gallery: A Great Turnout for Don Young’s March Hawkesbury River Run

On Sunday, the 11th of March, we headed out on a run to explore the Hawkesbury River area, travelling roads many of us had never travelled before.

Hosted by MGF/TF Registrar Don Young, the run kicked off at Macquarie Park in Windsor, winding through to Wisemans Ferry Park for a picnic lunch.

Read on for a few words and photos with thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger


We had a great turnout for Don Young’s Hawkesbury River Run on Sunday the 11th of March, with more than thirty MGs gathering at Macquarie Park and a few more joining us by the time we got to Wisemans Ferry Park.

As I travel solo, it’s a case of following someone who’s travelling with a navigator. I wonder what type of maps Don used to create the route. Checking our route against my street directories were not much use, so I entered the destination into my GPS, which spent the whole trip telling me “Perform a U-turn where possible.”

No worries, it was a fun run and we got there safely.

The lower Portland Ferry lacked capacity, and ended up holding us up a bit. If there were only MGs boarding it we could fit eight, but this  dropped to six when one of the ubiquitous 4WDs got into the mix.

Eventually everyone made it to the destination, and we sat down to chat and have lunch. I left for home around 2PM, and found that it became quite warm driving in from the north-west towards the city.

Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger

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