Photo Gallery: 2018’s Shannons Sydney Classic

We awoke to a somewhat windy, cold and grey morning on Sunday the 12th of August, but conditions quickly improved and we were left with a sunny, if a little windy, winter’s day for the 2018 Council of Motor Clubs’ Shannons Sydney Classic. Scroll on and enjoy a few photos of the MG Car Club Sydney’s involvement in the day, with thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

The Council of Motor Club’s Shannons Sydney Classic is a highlight of the New South Wales motoring calendar each year. The event attracts a stunning collection of motoring machinery to Sydney Motorsport Park, and a great spectator turn-out as well. No matter what kind of wheeled machinery you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find it at the ‘Classic along with more than a few friends, both new and old, to share it all with.

Thanks to excellent support from members, the MG Car Club Sydney put on a display of around 30 cars on Sunday. Once everything was organised, members spent the day exploring the busy grounds of the circuit and the incredible range of machinery on display, as well as relaxing, socialising and picnicing.

Read on for a few words from Ingo, followed by some images from the day.

The 2018 Council of Motor Club’s Shannons Sydney Classic

Ingo Weinberger

We have had many wonderfully warm winter days recently, but in the early hours of the Shannons Sydney Classic I learned about windchill factor! The weather in Eastern Creek was very cold and windy for the start of the day, improving to sunny, cool and still windy for the rest of the day.

As usual, the Club organised a great turn-out of cars and we had some 30 cars from the MG Car Club on display. There was lots to see and do.

Congratulations to Theo Lyras, who won second place in the 1970 to 1970 group for his red MGB Roadster.

A special thank you to the Council of Motor Clubs volunteers who make this and other events possible. They’re there early on Saturday to set up and stuff goodie bags, gathering up pamphlets and copies of The Preserve to hand out in Shannons bags. What are they going to use when plastic bags are no more?

The Morgan round of the 2018 CSCA supersprint was held at the circuit on Saturday, so volunteers had to wait for that to finish before finishing the preparation of the grounds. Goodie bags and volunteers are then on location first thing on Sunday morning to welcome attendees. Other volunteers assist with parking, directing the many, many cars to their positions. MG Car Club Sydney presented a full field. Two MGCC volunteers, John Lindsay and Greg Fereday, assisted with directing traffic.

Greg, by the way, chose not to bring the MG and instead arrived in his Armstrong-Siddeley. Some of you may know that this car was bought new by one Ian Fleming. Seems that he did not keep it for long. Maybe that’s why – when James Bond is mentioned, one thinks immediately of Aston Martin. Armstrong-Siddeley just does not strike the same note. Does anyone ever know if Ian Fleming drove an Aston Martin?

Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger

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