Photo Gallery: April 2018 Run to Tarana Hotel Hosted by Alan Heritage and the RV8 Register

With the RV8 Register Run scheduled for Sunday the 29th of April, 2018 and coinciding with the first day of the week-long Bob Dabbs Touring Run, plans were made for the two events to converge at the Tarana Hotel on Main Street Tarana for lunch after a morning run.

Ingo Weinberger kindly documented the event, and has sent through some images as well as a few words about the day. Read on, and enjoy!

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger

We assembled at Glenbrook Park, with MGs arriving in impressive numbers. I felt sorry for the locals who could not get any parking!

Max Pegler joined in with his Mini, and we enjoyed a classic club run car park moment, making some last-minute adjustments to the MGC.

By 9:30 we were all gathered up and had finished saying hello, so we departed from Glenbrook Park, leaving in small groups to avoid creating a ‘moving roadblock’. I enjoyed the drive, which featured classic MG roads as well as a few substantial gravel sections. At the end of the stint I noticed the absence of dust coating the tour group cars, which must have kept to the sealed stuff.

The staff at the Tarana Hotel were excellent, providing quick and friendly service and having no problem with our numbers. After lunch, John Lindsay, Scot Bailey and myself checked out the station.

See you on the next one,
Ingo Weinberger.

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