Photo Gallery: December 2023 Collecting Cars Auto Brunch

Sunday the 3rd of December, 2023 saw the year’s Collecting Cars Auto Brunch gatherings wrap up in fine style with a beautiful sunny morning at St Ives Showground. Scroll along and enjoy a few photos of the day.

A brilliant collection of motor cars and their friendly and welcoming drivers rolled up to the venue, with organisers estimating about 350 cars for the display. These came from across every corner of the motoring community, ranging from classic cars including our MGs, to supercars, track cars, trucks and four wheel drives and some particularly interesting modded and replica vehicles.

The Scouts did a wonderful job of catering for everyone as usual, as did CoffeeNOVA, and it was very pleasant to spend the morning catching up spontaneously with friends in Sydney’s motoring community and enjoying the wonders on display.

Images thanks to Hilary Wren

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