Photo Gallery: July 2019 Mid-Week Muster at Bird in Hand Inn

Our July 2019 Mid-Week Muster was held at Bird in Hand Inn in Pitt Town. Ingo Weinberger has shared some images and a few thoughts on the day, which you can enjoy below.

Wednesday July 17’s Mid-Week Muster at Bird in Hand Inn

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger. Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

We’ve been enjoying perfect winter weather in Sydney over the last few days, and Wednesday’s Mid-Week Muster was no different. A very good roll-up attended the event, although we had to disperse a little to find enough parking.

We chatted about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing until Jim Hull produced his hardcover analogue GPS and John Mangall selected a route that saw the three of us return home via Glenorie and Dural, travelling along the scenic Cattai Ridge Road. We three Packing Crew members in our MGB GTs set off at around 2:30PM and enjoyed an incident-free trip back into the city.

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