Photo Gallery: June 2018 MWM to Mount Penang Gardens

Our June Mid-Week Muster was held in the middle of a somewhat miserable winter’s week here in Sydney. On the 20th of June, 2018, we took a drive out to Mount Penang Gardens, arriving just in time for the clouds to clear for a pleasant afternoon.

The Mid-Week Muster crew met mid-morning at Mount Colah McDonald’s, taking a leisurely drive via the Old Pacific Highway to meet up at the gardens with members who made their own way there. Once settled, we took some time out of busy city life to catch up and relax in the pleasant location.

Read on for a few words and photos from the day thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

June 2018 MWM to Mount Penang Gardens

After the coldest weekend of the season we had several wet days leading up to the Mid-Week Muster, which may have kept numbers down. Those who joined in met in bright and warm sunshine at Mount Colah Macca’s, then took the Old Pacific Highway north.

As is the case throughout the city, there was quite a lot of road works being conducted along the drive, although thankfully not much traffic. At one point we caught up with an SUV towing a caravan. Slowly. They appeared to have just signed on with the Grey Nomads, or were possibly tourists unfamiliar with the roads, since they swapped to the wrong side of the road at one point. No damage done, as they met with some of the roadworks workers who directed them back to the left.

The drive was scenic and smooth, although we did have some confusion near our destination when our leader missed the turn, leading to five MGs and Max Pegler’s Land Rover doubling back to return to the correct route.

We met with more club members at the venue, where the weather was so comfortable that we asked the staff to turn the heaters off. All told we were some 25 people and ten MGs, as well as a Land Rover and George Berger’s Rover V8.

After enjoying the tasty fare we took a pleasant walk in the gardens, which were themselves being further developed. I would have liked to see some names on a variety of the plants and shrubs.

I enjoyed the quick return trip down the motorway with a rainbow in the distance. There was the odd sprinkle, but no rain. I wonder if travelling via the city is quicker than Lane Cove Road?

Ingo Weinberger

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