Photo Gallery: Morning Tea in Mount Keira Summit Park

Thursday the 22nd of March saw the club’s Illawarra Register join the Jaguar Drivers Club Illawarra Register for a run to a morning tea picnic at Mount Keira Summit Park.

We met at the top of Mount Keira Summit Park before heading to the Mount Keira Scout Camp for morning tea and a tour of the facilities. Read on for a few words and a set of photos thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger

Following on from the March Mid-Week Muster, we had another wet day for the Thursday 22nd March run hosted by the Illawarra Register. I was delayed by Thursday morning chores and arrived at the Mount Keira summit a little after 11AM, just in time for the group to head to the scout camp.

This was my first time there, and I did not expect the rainforest setting, which seems to extend along the slopes and cliffs of the escarpment. The camp was founded and developed thanks to the generosity of the management of the now-closed Wollongong steel producers. Weddings and other functions assist with the upkeep of the complex, as explained by ‘The Master of the Keys’.

Having recently checked the mileage of my GT as compared to my daily driver, I found that the former was doing substantially more, so I decided to use the daily driver a a little more often. Between this week’s two trips I’ve clocked 275km and then 170km respectively.

Lots more to come this weekend, but that’s another story!

Ingo Weinberger

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