Photo Gallery: October 2018 Mid-Week Muster to Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum

October’s Mid-Week Muster saw us exploring the Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum in Penrith before heading next door to the Penrith Rowers Club for lunch and a catch-up. Scroll along, and enjoy some photos from the day with thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

After enduring a seemingly endless dry, Sydney has flipped on its head and entered a period of persistent precipitation. The ever-present threat of rain meant that many of the two-dozen attending members chose to muster in their daily drivers, but we still had a handful of hardy souls in the classics.

As usual, it was a lovely social catch-up, enjoyed by all who joined in. Scroll along for a few thoughts by our hardy club photographer, Ingo Weinberger.

October Mid-Week Muster to Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum

The Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum was a small but interesting museum that displayed many items from history. Our guide Gary explained how to identify the rank of officers and crew, which went in one ear and out the other. That said, I do now know how to fold bell-bottom trousers correctly.

I spotted a yellow submarine model in the background, but did not hear anyone humming the tune.

After the tour we retired next door to the Rowers Club, set by the tranquil Nepean River and only occasionally interrupted by a train thundering across the old bridge. There we enjoyed good food and good service surrounded by an astounding number of people considering the mid-week timing.

One thing I’ve discovered since my recent mishap – it takes a few seconds longer to get in and out of the GT!

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger

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