Photo Gallery: September 2017 Illawarra Register Run to Minnamurra Rainforest

On Thursday the 28th of September, we got together for a run to the Minnamurra Rainforest, organised by Michael Hough and the Illawarra Register.

We met for a walk along the boardwalk to the falls, which were sadly dry after the incredibly arid weather in recent months. After the refreshing walk, we gathered for morning tea.

Read on for a few words on the day, with thanks to Michael Hough

I want to thank Ingo for his constant support of our Illawarra Register activities, in both attending and taking these photos and sharing them with us.

We had 11 MG owners and partners attend, and it was a delightfully pleasant and low key event. We, as usual, talked about each others’ cars, enjoyed the walk through the (VERY DRY) rainforest areas and then had a delightful and relaxed time at the well-located NPWS cafe next to the creek bed.

Once again, the purpose of the Illawarra Register was fully achieved – to provide an opportunity to take the MG for a run and have a pleasant social activity!

I would also like to thank Ron Critcher and members of the Jag Club ( Illawarra Register) for organising these runs and providing MG owners the opportunity to mingle with Jaguar owners – much appreciated.

We hope to see you at the last runs for 2017: The Jamberoo display day on Sunday 29th Oct and the final Illawarra Register event – the Run to the Illawarra Escarpment lookouts on Thursday 30 November.

Enjoy your motoring!

Michael Hough

Thanks to Michael Hough for organising the MG Car Club involvement, and to Ingo Weinberger for the photos, which you can enjoy below!

Photos by Ingo Weinberger

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