Photo Gallery: Wings Over Illawarra 2019

Sunday, the 5th of May, 2019, saw us head off on our annual run to Wings Over Illawarra, hosted by Michael Hough and the Classic TF register. Scroll on, and enjoy some photos and thoughts on the day thanks to Ingo Weinberger.

Wings Over Illawarra 2019

Ingo Weinberger

On a cool but sunny Sunday morning, we met at Hungry Jack’s Hayward’s Bay near the Yallah Road turn-off for the run to Wings Over Illawarra.

Just five MGs assembled for the run, including Michael Hough, Greg Fereday, Peter Myers, Ross Freeman and myself. The date of Wings Over Illawarra clashed with Bob Dabb’s Touring Register Run, which may explain the smaller numbers. We were kept company by five Morgans as well, and they suited our aesthetic nicely and provided good company.

By 8AM we were on our way to Albion Rail Regional Airport. Arriving there, we were directed to our allocated spaces, which were a reasonable walk from the exhibits.

Ross Freeman assists with restoration at HARS, so his dog tag opened a few locked doors for us. The ‘Roulettes’ put on a demonstration of formation flying. They were followed by two HARS flying exhibits, including a DC3 and Caribou. Inconsistent weather caused a few interruptions to the programme, but did little to dissuade some amazing aerobatics by a Pitt Special.

The intermittent stops gave me a chance to explore and photograph the static exhibits, and I especially enjoyed the war birds, Spitfires, a Hurricane and the two Mustangs.

Around 1PM ominous clouds promised more rain, so I thought I would head for the MGB GT for lunch. When rain eased I headed back to the hangers, hoping to find the other MGers there. With no such luck and the weather not looking promising, word passed around that the 5PM departure had been scrapped so I headed for the gate with some other cars.

I headed south towards the highway and then north towards home, quickly getting stuck in heavy traffic. Thankfully, the weather cleared and I was sure to hear the sound of Merlin engines. Hopefully Ross and Greg will be able to share some stories of what I missed.

Images thanks to Ingo Weinberger

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