Illawarra Register Report: The May Run to Bald Hill and Stanwell Park

Thanks to Michael Hough, Classic TF Registrar

You may recall that we started the Illawarra register to enable MG Owners and enthusiasts from the Southern Highlights & South Western Sydney to join Illawarra owners in a series of social activities aimed at getting the MGs out for a drive.

We have also decided to run these as combined activities with the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia, so we look forward to seeing a different and wider range of cars as well as meeting some new enthusiast friends.

We’ve had two runs so far, the first to Breakwater Battery and now this run to Bald Hill/Stanwell Park. Read on, and enjoy the report.

In my May report, I optimistically hoped for:

  • Kind weather
  • Lots of MGs and Jags
  • Good morning coffee, and great fellowship
  • And many of us getting the opportunity to walk the Seacliff Bridge

Well, it really happened!

We had over 40 participants between the two car clubs. The group was comprised of a great range of classic and modern MGs and Jaguars. We enjoyed a beautiful day at Bald Hill and that extended to a good coffee at Stanwell Park Cafe with good companionship and, for some, a great walk along the Seacliff bridge.

I would particularly like to thank all of the MG and Jaguar Car Club members and friends for so actively supporting these social runs. It’s very encouraging and our activities appear to be meeting a real need.

Once again, I would like to thank the Jaguar Drivers’ Club member Ron Critcher for actually organising the events. Ron does all the hard work and then agrees that I can advertise them, which makes my life very simple. Thanks Ron!

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    javed akhter
    11 January, 2021 (8:42 PM)


    We have a plan to visit stanwell park on the Australian day just wondering is there any BBQ area is availabale?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

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