Seeking Information About the History of MGTD TD2305


We have been contacted by a friend of the club seeking information about the history of the MGTD you see above, chassis number TD2305. If anyone can help, please get in touch via Andy at [email protected].


The chassis number is TD2305 and the original engine number is XPAG|TD|2789, although it now has a replacement engine C79613.

It is understood to be a CKD, but a right hand drive which indicates that it was for export to either Australia or South Africa. The condition underneath is good, indicating that it was used in a drier climate than that of the United Kingdom.


This information was provided by the MG Car Club in the UK. The car has been registered there since June 1987, when it was given the number plate it now has. Nothing is known about the original number plate.

If you know anything about the car’s history, the information would be most appreciated. Please do reach out via Andy at [email protected].


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    Matthew Magilton
    4 July, 2019 (5:16 PM)

    Aussie TD’s were not CKD but I understand South African cars were. I have been keeping a list of nearly 1,000 TD’s known to be/were in Australia TD2305 is not one of them.
    Matthew Magilton.

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