The October 2016 Edition of Opposite Lock is On Its Way!

The October edition of The Opposite Lock is hot off the presses and on its way to members.

This month’s magazine features:

2016 MG Classic Rally
With 18 cars entering the checkpoint WD, how tricky has organiser, Richo, been this year?

MGs at the All British Day
What a feast for the eyes of MG enthusiasts and car Anglophiles. All the very best of British on display in one paddock!

Gathering of the Faithful
With a Navigator making a first ever run in in an MG Roadster, it rains all the way to Wagga Wagga and this year’s GoF.

Historic Speedway Racing
Racing aficionado, Gerry Graham, introduces us to Illabo Motor Sport Park near Junee.

Glamorising Goldie
How much do you spend restoring a car you drive 10s of thousands of miles? Does an emotion based decision win the day?

October 2016 Oily Rag

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