November 2018 MGA MGB Workshop Day

Photo Gallery: MGA & MGB Workshop Day, November 2018

Greg Keenan kindly invited us into his workshop once more this past Sunday, the 11th of November, to share some of his skill and wisdom in the care and restoration of MGAs and MGBs. If you'd like to scroll on, you can catch up with a set of photos by club photographer Ingo Weinberger. (more…) More

Michael Hough’s November 2018 Illawarra Register Report

Recap the recent Illawarra Register run to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society and get the details on November's run to Robertson in Michael Hough's Illawarra Register report for November, 2018. (more…) More

MG Car Club 2018 Concours & Display Day

Photo Gallery: 2018 Concours d’Elegance & Display Day

After two weeks of persistent precipitation, we were blessed with a slightly grey but otherwise lovely day for the 2018 MG Car Club Sydney Concours d'Elegance and Display Day. Scroll along for a few photos of the event thanks to Scott Bailey, Nicci Freeman, Seth Reinhardt and Ingo Weinberger. (more…) More

October 2018 Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum

Photo Gallery: October 2018 Mid-Week Muster to Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum

October's Mid-Week Muster saw us exploring the Nepean Naval & Maritime Museum in Penrith before heading next door to the Penrith Rowers Club for lunch and a catch-up. Scroll along, and enjoy some photos from the day with thanks to Ingo Weinberger. (more…) More

2018 Illawarra Register HARS Run

Photo Gallery: September 2018 Illawarra Register Run to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society

This past Thursday the 27th of September, 2018, saw us heading to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) for a run and tour hosted by the Illawarra Register. We met at Illawarra Regional Airport, catching up over coffee at the cafe before heading off on a fascinating tour of the facility and aircraft. Read on ... More