Photo Gallery: November’s MGA/MGB Restoration Workshop

On Sunday the 10th of November, 2019, Greg Keenan kindly hosted an MGA/MGB workshop, cluing us all in on all manner of body restoration skills. Ingo Weinberger documented the event with his camera, and you can enjoy the pictures below.

Read on for a few words on the day, with thanks to Ingo.

November’s MGA/MGB Restoration Workshop hosted by Greg Keenan

Greg Keenan and Bob Laycock instructed us on various tasks that are required when performing body restorations.

Rule number 1 – NEVER throw anything away, even if the particular part or section has almost been consumed by Father Rust. Why? After ordering and receiving said part from the catalogue, place it next to or onto said rust-eaten part and see if it’s the same. Greg says: “Hardly ever. Usually needs some modification to fit.”

Shaping body panels – look at your ‘A’ or ‘B’ – no flat panels anywhere, they all ‘curve’ two or more ways. To make the fit an look correct takes skill and time.

‘How to shrink an aluminium bonnet’ or – ‘Sorry, your bent guard won’t be ready the day after tomorrow. Welding holes shut, left after removing the luggage carrier from the aluminium boot lid. Did I hear someone say “rubber grommets”? Or doing it right and those holes have never been there.

To finish, a small demo of ‘lead wiping’. Lining the top front of a Roadster fender up with the door. Some use body filler, called ‘bog’ by the experts. Say no more.

Glorious day and some 20 plus attendants spent some value time at Greg’s Shed.

Ingo Weinberger.

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