Photo Gallery: The 2019 MG Car Club Sydney Concours d’Elegance & Display Day

Our 2019 MG Car Club Sydney Concours d’Elegance and Display Day was held on a stunning spring Sunday morning in Silverwater Park. Scroll on, and enjoy a few shots from the day thanks to Scott Bailey, Seth Reinhardt and Ingo Weinberger.

Read on for a few words on the day with thanks to Allen Gower and Ingo Weinberger.

The 2019 MG Car Club Sydney Concours d’Elegance & Display Day

Thanks to Allen Gower

Thank you to those who were able attend the premier annual event in the MGCC calendar. I hope you were proud to be part of it, I certainly was.

In all we had over 120 MGs on display, sparkling in the beautiful spring sunshine. What a perfect day to drive and show off our magnificent cars.

One couple brought their TC from Canberra and Jim Mather drove down from the “dust bowl” of Dubbo. His wife ordered him to take his beloved MGA to Sydney to clear his head of thoughts of the drought.

Many thanks to all our volunteers who made the day possible!

Pre-War – 3 TCs – 6 TDs – 4
TFs – 10 MGA Roadsters (push-rod & TC) – 9 MGA Coupes – 2
MGB MkI – 4 MGB Mk II – 23 MGB Rubber Nose – 2
MGB GT – 10 MGF /TF – 6 RV8 – 5
MG Midgets – 2 MG 1100 – 1 MG Modern Saloons – 3
MGC – 2 MGB V8 – 4 MG Y Type – 5
MG Magnette – 7 MG Sports / Racing Cars – 6
Non Marque Cars – 2 Rocker Cover Racers – 4

MG Car Club Sydney Concours & Display Day Seth Reinhardt

Thanks to Ingo Weinberger

Setting up on the day of the event began at 6:30am. Positions had been marked out on the Saturday, when it was noticed that the grass needed to be cut. The following day, only the stakes had to be knocked in and signs mounted.

Frank Perry and myself ‘scored’ the most numerous group to judge – the MGB Mk II and BL, completing the task just before midday.

This gave me some time to take some photos, grab a bite to eat and enjoy some welcome rest. My Rubbernose came in third in concours! Well, it was third out of three – not to worry!

Despite the bright sunshine and mild temperatures, numbers were down against 2018’s concours. However, a great day was had by all, enjoying the warm spring weather and the company of the club and the magnificent MGs they brought out.

MG Car Club Sydney Concours & Display Day Seth Reinhardt

MG Concours Winners


Class 1st 2nd 3rd
MG PRE-WAR Ros Bastian
MG TC Ross Paine John Howard
MG TD David Arnold Paul Challinor
MG TF Robert Smith John Chadban Graham Hayton
MG Y-Type Ross Mc Millan
Magnette Brian Wolmer John Turner Nigel Martin
MGA Coupe Geraldine Morton
MGA Roadster Allen Gower James Bennett Thomas Axzel
MGB GT RN Michael Hough Margaret Norman Ingo Weinberger
MGB GT Arthur Pugh Hilary Wren
MGB Roadster RN Paul Chapman
MGB Roadster MK11/BL Richard Hawley Theo Lyras Don Beck
MGB Roadster MK1 Mike Murphy John Bush Frank Perry
MGC Roadster & GT David Wills
MGB GT V8 Granville Harris
MG Midget Henry Gilde Chris Cavendish
MG 1100 Paula Thistelton

MG Car Club Sydney Concours & Display Day Seth Reinhardt

Show & Shine

Class 1st 2nd 3rd
A, B, C PRE-WAR Rob Everett
MG TC Bob Beer Peter Fisher Warwick G-Smith
MG TD Scott Bailey Richard Hyde
MG TF Alan Lett David Taylor John Dicker
MG Y-Type Matthew Crawford
Magnette Peter Baldry George Berger John Cuneen
MGA Coupe Lindsay Pryer
MGA Roadster Jim Mather Roland Pepin Max Pegler
MGB GT RN Jim Hull
MGB GT David Noble
MGB Roadster RN Sam Spiteri
MGB Roadster MK11/BL Colin Porter Geoff Starkey Denis Ryan
MGB Roadster MK1 Ron Taylor Brain Mc Gowan Max Wasson
MGB GT V8 Peter Bennett Bruce Smith David Webster

Images thanks to Scott Bailey

Photos thanks to Seth Reinhardt

Photos thanks to Ingo Weinberger

2 Replies to "Photo Gallery: The 2019 MG Car Club Sydney Concours d'Elegance & Display Day"

  • comment-avatar
    Ross Freeman
    30 November, 2019 (4:46 PM)

    Why aren’t there any results for the MGR V8’s in the Concours notes above or the Magazine.
    There were some very presentable cars there (5) yet nothing in the results.!

  • comment-avatar
    Rupert Moran
    5 April, 2021 (7:57 PM)

    I’m so impressed with the Concours event that I now want to buy a Magnette ZB.

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