What a Classic Rally Club Navigation Training Run is All About

On Saturday, February 10th, we’re going to join in the Classic Rally Club’s first event of the year – a Navigation Training Run – to enjoy something a little different, and hopefully learn a few new tricks for the MG Spring Rally later in the year.

You can read all about that event by clicking this link. If you would like to join in, or if you have any questions, contact Jim Richardson on 9639 0638 [email protected] or Tony Norman, CRC Competition Secretary, on 0402 759 811. Further details can be found on the Classic Rally Club website here.

To help give you an idea of what a Classic Rally Club Navigation Training Run is like, Bob Morey has kindly shared this story he prepared for their club magazine. Read on, enjoy, and please do join us on February 10th!

What a Classic Rally Club Navigation Training Run is All About

By, and thanks to, Bob Morey

We decided we would have a run in the Classic Rally Club’s Navigation Training Run to prepare for our planned trip north later in the year to compete in the Clarence Classic. As this was a 2 day event starting and finishing in Grafton on the north coast we felt we should be as prepared as possible. Though I have run in quite a few C.R.C. events I have always been driving, this time I would be navigating with my wife Jane driving. Given my experience in this type of event we decided to try the Apprentice level of navigation which involves considerable interpretation of instructions and map reading. The instructions for Apprentice are the same as those for the hardest level of navigation, Masters, but with extra clues to help find the correct route. Crews who wanted a less demanding challenge could choose to run in the Tour category and receive a full route chart of the route.

We were a bit apprehensive when we arrived at the start of the Training Run and saw the other crews already huddled over their highlighted maps. We were obviously a bit late.  We received our instructions and maps plus some tips on things to be aware of and then it was time for the briefing. This covered details of the event such as timing and standard procedures regarding road cards, passage controls and visual route checks (P boards) etc. Then in was time for plotting the route. Initially this did not go well as we couldn’t find the route to the first via point. We sought the assistance of one of the experienced C.R.C. navigators on hand and this problem was soon sorted. The pressure was on to get out on the road so off we went. This meant we needed several plotting sessions en route during the afternoon which is common on C.R.C. events. Crews are often seen stopped by the side of the road figuring out where to go next. Another reason for stopping on the side of the road is to find the answer to questions about various buildings, road signs etc. along the route.

The route for the Training Run took us north from Castle Hill through semi-rural areas of Glenhaven, Dural, Galston, Cattai, Maraylya, Scheyville, Box Hill, Schofields and finished in Parramatta. The instructions contained many of the usual C.R.C. navigation techniques. It was necessary to read them carefully to note requirements such as following the shortest mapped route between via points, not opposing rally traffic and not passing through points which were out of bounds. Many of the usual C.R.C. navigation techniques were included. Locating and crossing particular map features such as creeks in a particular order was necessary. An important aspect of this is that you must do as the map shows not as appears in reality. The map legend had to be studied to make sure you were using the appropriate type of road. Then there were other standard puzzles like herringbones (stick charts), tulip diagrams and compass bearings.

Classic Rally Club Navigation Training Run

The event finished at Parramatta at a pie shop with the usual C.R.C. gathering to swap stories of the day. Competing in the Training Run at Apprentice level was a challenge but the route and planning of the event was well thought out with plenty of helpful assistance if required. The event was a good introduction to the type of navigational rallying events run by the Classic Rally Club.

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