Photo Gallery: July 2017 Breakfast Run to Twin Creeks Golf Country Club

Sunday the 16th of July saw 53 MG Car Club Sydney members gather for Steve Holt’s Breakfast Run to Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club.

The brisk Sunday morning saw 53 of us piling into 23 MGs and braving the cold start for otherwise perfect winter driving weather. Leaving Moorebank Sports Club we worked our way from Hammondville to the Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club in Luddenham, where we enjoyed a lovely social breakfast.

Ingo Weinberger has kindly shared some photos from the event, which you can enjoy below!

Read on for Steve Holt’s report from the run.

July 2017 Breakfast Run to Twin Creeks Golf Country Club

By Steve Holt

Sunday 16th of July saw the Club head off for the second breakfast run of 2017, returning to Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club.

As we were returning to the same place we went to last year, I tried to make the morning a little different with a change in the run starting point. This year we departed from the south, commencing in the car park of Moorebank Sporting Club on Heathcote Road.

For those wondering why we went back to the same place, the committee decided to return to Twin Creeks when developing the 2017 event calendar as finding venues that match our expectations and budget is not always that easy. It is easier to move the run start points around Sydney to capture our diverse membership locations and then head back to somewhere we know.

The day started off clear and cold with temperatures around zero when I headed off from Luddenham for the meeting point. Although cold, it was a great morning for top-down driving and nothing that a beanie, scarf, gloves, jacket and jumper didn’t fix.

There were 13 cars at the start point with Dom’s “MGB Special” drawing the attention (see July O.L. for the story on that one).

Heading off on time, I tried to make the run as interesting as possible with good MG cruising roads. After a short stint on the M5 it was off at the Hume Hwy and through the back of Prestons on to Hoxton Park Rd and then west through areas of Sydney not normally frequented by many on the run.

The roads are good driving roads with minimum traffic on a Sunday and there are interesting things along the way. How many people noticed the open brick canal we crossed over that brings (some of) Sydney’s water all the way from the Upper Nepean Dams (Cataract, Cordeaux, Avon & Nepean) to Prospect Reservoir by a series of gravity fed canals and tunnels (amazing what our governments used to be able to do).

Arriving at Twin Creeks we joined the rest of the group who opted to go straight to the venue. We enjoyed chatting outside when we all arrived and people had to be encouraged to go inside to eat (which is a first). I think we were all enjoying the sunshine as it had started to warm up just a little by then.

Breakfast was right on time and the room (as always) well presented, looking out over the golf course. 53 members and guests eventually settled down to what was a great buffet of cereal, hot food, pastries, toast, coffee, tea, fruit and, to finish it off, good company.

The morning went well and it was past 11 am before the bulk of the people started moving off. The start of the exodus ended another successful MGCC day out and we look forward to the next opportunity to get out and use the cars.

Just a footnote regarding Sydney’s water supply. Those who turned right on to Luddenham Rd when leaving Twin Creeks would have noticed a crossing over two very large diameter pipes. These are Sydney’s primary water supply lines. They bring water from Warragamba Dam to Prospect Reservoir for distribution throughout Sydney. So, the next time you’re told water comes from a tap, that may be true but you’ll also know how it gets there.

Than you to all who participated and helped make the day a success.

Steve Holt


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