July 2017 Classic TF Registrar’s Report

Michael Hough’s latest Classic TF Registrar’s report is ready to go an on the way to an Opposite Lock near you. Read on for an early update.

Thanks to Michael Hough

Classic TF Registrar’s Report

As seen in the August 2017 Opposite Lock

Welcome to another successful month of MG motoring. I hope that all the cars in your collection are going well.

In this month’s CLASSIC TF Registrar’s report, I am pleased to provide:

  • An update on my last month’s article about Dan Hickey’s ‘show and shine’ winning TF
  • Some encouragement to urge us to achieve a great attendance at this year’s MG Car Club Concours and Display Day this Sunday the 22nd of October, 2017.

Fessing up – I want to continue encouraging you to get your classic TF out and come to the second half Classic TF run – which will be to the MG Car Club 2017 Concours and Display Day on Sunday 22nd OCTOBER 2017!

Each year I throw out a challenge to all of us classic TF owners to see if we can get a maximum display of classic TFs. Our record so far was 15 Cars at our 2015 Display day

2015 Classic TF Display

Now for the Updates

The 2016 “Show and Shine’ Winner – a classic TF owned by Dan Hickey from the Central Coast NSW

In last month’s edition of Opposite Lock, I featured photos and a brief story about the lovely TF 1250 owned by Dan. I finished the section about his car with the following:-

So – sincere congratulations to our reluctant copy writer Dan, and we all hope his classic TF is going well!

I have since been contacted by another MG Car Club member to advise that Dan’s wife Mary has been very ill and hospitalised in Sydney, and Dan himself has also been ill with a bad flu whilst trying to travel regularly to visit Mary in Sydney. It appears that Mary has now returned home and is recuperating from her operation.

So, unintentionally, I gave Dan a hard time with my comments about not writing something for Opposite Lock. I would like to unreservedly apologise to Dan for those comments, and also wish both Dan and Mary our very best, as they are both coming back to better health.

2015 Classic TF Display

The 2017 MG Car Club Concours and Show and Shine Day

The photos accompanying this article are of our 2015 and 2016 Classic TF turnout. Please enjoy them and would you write Sunday 22nd October into your diary and get that classic TF ready to come on display. Thanks!

A ‘postcript’ to a recent appeal for help from a TF owner Richard Collier from Queensland.

Richard is restoring a TF which has spent most of its life in NSW, and I published his request for information in the May 2017 Opposite Lock.

The Australian TF Registrar, Matthew Magilton from Victoria, has been most helpful in giving Richard some really useful background production and import information on his TF, but just this week I received an email from Richard stating he had had no contact from any Sydney or NSW Club members about his car.

Surely someone knows something about its earlier Sydney-based existence. I repeat Richard’s extract from his May 17 request:

The vehicle appears to have spent most of its life in NSW and when operating around Cronulla, Sydney. I believe the initial registration was AYZ067 and after full restoration MG639. 

 I would appreciate any information your NSW members can provide, eg do they know any of the personnel named – Grahame Bell/Bill Thompson/Jeff or Bob Wicks/Les Stewart and/or personnel named as involved in restoration?  I have been able to make contact with David Attwood- who has provided information.




Please help Richard if you can. Thanks!

I wish you trouble free MG Motoring, and enjoy the photos of the 2015 and 2016 MG Car Club of Sydney’s Show and Shine Classic TFs on display.


MH Final Comments

I hope you have enjoyed this report, and I would like to thank those MG Car Club members who turned out to support any of our events.

Thanks guys!

Michael Hough,
Classic TF Registrar

2015 Classic TF Display

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