MG Sporting Motorkhana

A relaxed, low-speed, safe and highly skill-based form of motorsport, motorkhana is one of the best options for developing your skills behind the wheel and entering the world of sporting competition.

Motorkhana events are run under CAMS permits on approved circuits. These circuits could be a skid pan, such as at Sydney Motorsport Park, a car park, an open field or similar. Club officials and timers control the event. Basic life insurance is included in the permit, whilst cars are generally not covered. Historic cars older than 40 years can be covered by some track insurance – refer to Shannon’s Insurance.

Timing is generally handled manually with stop watches and recorded on a card at the completion of each test. The card is then handed in at the end of the day to work out the aggregate time.

In a motorkhana you drive at relatively low speeds around witches hats which form various courses or motorkhana tests. The courses are generally very tight and require balance, poise and skill.

The winner of the event will have the lowest aggregate test times across all of the circuits run during the event.

Only one car runs at a time, so traffic density is as low as it will ever be. Risk of collision and damage is similarly very low. CAMS safety requirements apply and allow standard road cars to compete as well as open wheelers and race cars.

Minimum Age: 12 (in NSW as per Dept. of Sport & Recreation requirements, subject to review)

Minimum experience recommended:

  • No RTA driver’s licence is required
  • Driving experience with a licenced driver on or off road, demonstrating general competency in driving a car, then two or three driver training sessions at a training centre such as Marulan Driver Training Centre with a professional instructor is recommended

Minimum recommended modifications:

  • Add at least 5-10 psi tyre pressures to road tyres, and DOT CAMS approved track tyres
  • Full safety check of all major components such as suspension, brakes/brake lines cooling system and a check for any fluid leaks (oil, coolant, power steering, brakes etc)
  • At a minimum clothing has to be non-synthetic neck to wrist to ankle clothing and fully covered leather footwear

Minimum competition requirements:

  • CAMS ‘Come and Try’ Licence for the day (issued by Club officials) or Level 2S Licence
  • Removal of all loose objects in cabin
  • Ensure that tyres, wheels, suspension etc all in good working order, well secured battery, and NO fluid leaks
  • NON-synthetic clothing and fully enclosed footwear

Co-ordinator – Steve Perry, Peter Thomson