MG Regularity

Regularity events are run under a CAMS or AASA permit on an official race circuit, with flag marshals and full safety services controlling the event. Basic life insurance is covered by the permit, while cars generally are not. Historic cars can be covered by some track insurance – refer to Shannon’s Insurance.

In a regularity event the goal is to drive your car to the most consistent performance you can achieve at your skill level. You nominate a lap time which becomes your goal and lose points for lapping faster than this time as well as double points for lapping slower than that time. The driver who has accumulated the least points at the end of a run wins.

Fields can number in the 40s and maintaining your lap while negotiating faster and slower cars is part of the challenge.

Timing is recorded using with dorian or equivalent electronic transponders. These can be hired on the day, or purchased outright.

The track can be busy during events with large grids, and minimum CAMS safety requirements apply. These allow standard road cars to compete as well as modified sports and race cars. Cars will be organised into groups based on lap times with the goal of developing safe competition groups.

As drivers are not competing in outright speed and track order does not affect the outcome, regularity is generally a more relaxed and safer form of motorsport. It carries a low to medium risk of collision and damage, although this does increase in the wet. As always, inexperience and over driving introduces danger.

Minimum Age: 14 (in NSW as per Dept. of Sport & Recreation requirements, subject to review)

Minimum experience recommended:

  • Two or three driver training sessions on a race track with a professional instructor
  • Several Supersprints and/or observation by Clerk of Course, or written history of previous motor sport experience to obtain a Regularity Licence

Minimum Recommended modifications:

  • Uprated higher temperature brake pads & brake fluid, add at least 5-10 psi tyre pressures to road tyres, and DOT CAMS approved track tyres
  • Rollover protection in OPEN CARS
  • Full safety check of all major components such as suspension, brakes/brake lines cooling system and a check for any fluid leaks (oil, coolant, power steering, brakes etc)
  • FIA approved fire rated gloves and driving suit and balaclava, and even underwear & footwear. (Minimum clothing has to be non synthetic neck to wrist to ankle clothing)
  • Consider installing a full racing harness, which can be un-clipped for normal road use).

Minimum Competition Requirements:

  • CAMS Level 2S Licence or a Regularity Licence (requiring submission of experience, and is issued by the promoter)
  • CAMS approved helmet, fire extinguisher, multiple throttle return springs, battery location triangle sticker, additional bonnet fastening (older cars), all front facing glass lenses totally covered, removal of all loose objects in cabin as well as, tyres, wheels suspension etc all in good working order, well secured battery
  • NO fluid leaks, NON synthetic clothing and fully enclosed footwear

For up-to-date rules and requirements, please refer to the CAMS Manual

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