MG Car Club Supersprints

What is Supersprinting?

A SUPERSPRINT is an event run under a CAMS or AASA Permit on a race circuit, with flag marshals and full safety services controlling the event. Basic life insurance is included in the permit, while cars are generally not covered. Some historic cars can be covered by some track insurance – see Shannons Insurance.

In a sprint event you go out onto the track in pairs based on the speed which best suits the car, conditions and driver. In this way newer drivers lap together at slower speeds, while more experienced drivers in faster cars will do very quick times in suitable and safe groups. During the event you will be passed, or pass, other cars travelling at different speeds, although efforts will be taken to organise groups so that faster cars go out first and generally travel away from the cars behind them, producing racing room for everyone.

Usually a session will include three or four timed laps for a class. Class is based on modifications, engine size, tyres and rim size.

The goal of the event is to post the lowest lap time in your class, or lowest outright time. Timing is recorded using dorian (or equivalent) electronic transponders, which can be hired on the day or purchased outright.

Traffic density on the track is low, and minimum CAMS safety requirements apply allowing standard road cars to compete. Open wheelers and race cars are also able to complete in suitable classes. Open wheelers usually run in their own group.

Risk or collision and damage is generally very low. This will increase in wet weather, during which the risk of sliding or spinning is greater. Inexperienced over driving, or pushing aggressively beyond one’s capabilities, further increases that risk.

The MG Car Club Sydney is a member club of the COmbined Sports Car Association (CSCA). The CSCA runs a supersprint season in which each club takes a turn to organise a supersprint round.

Minimum Age: 14 (in NSW as per Dept. of Sport & Recreation requirements, subject to review).

Minimum Experience Recommended:

  • Two or three driver training sessions at a training centre such as Marulan Driver Training Centre and on a race track with a professional instructor.

Minimum Recommended modifications:

  • Uprated higher temperature brake pads
  • Add at least 5-10 psi tyre pressures to road tyres, and DOT CAMS approved track tyres
  • Rollover Protection in OPEN CARS
  • Full safety check of all major components such as suspension, brakes/brake lines cooling system and a check for any fluid leaks (oil, coolant, power steering, brakes etc).
  • FIA approved fire rated gloves, driving suit, balaclava, and even underwear. (Minimum clothing has to be non synthetic neck to wrist to ankle clothing).

Minimum Competition Requirements:

  • CAMS Level 2S Licence
  • CAMS Approved Helmet
  • Fire extinguisher, multiple throttle return springs, battery location triangle sticker, additional bonnet fastening (older cars), all front facing glass lenses totally covered, removal of all loose objects in cabin as well as, tyres, wheels suspension etc all in good working order, well secured battery, and NO fluid leaks, and all NON synthetic clothing and fully enclosed footwear.

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