MG Driver Training Days

Driver training days are run under CAMS or AASA permits on an approved circuits. Club officials control the event, in which you drive your car singly, or in small groups at relatively low speeds. The goal is to focus on correct lines, braking distances, smooth cornering and car control.

These are designed to be learning experiences for improvement in car control in each run. Driver groups are organised according to experience and speed.

Driver training days are non-competitive and there is no timing. Basic life insurance is part of the track licence or CAMS licence. Historic cars older than 40 years only can be covered by some track insurance – refer to Shannon’s Insurance.

The risk of collision and damage is generally minimal (less risk than the highway!). Vehicles may have insurance cover under personal policies only – please double-check your policy.

Minimum age: Not applicable, providing the young driver can properly demonstrate they remain in control of their car at all times (and can change gears in a manual).

Minimum experience recommended:

  • No RTA driver’s Licence required – but driving experience with a licenced driver on or off road, demonstrating general competency in driving a car is recommended

Minimum recommended modifications:

  • Add at least 5-10 psi tyre pressures to road tyres, and DOT CAMS approved track tyres
  • Full safety check of all major components such as suspension, brakes/brake lines, cooling system and a check for any fluid leaks (oil, coolant, power steering, brakes etc)
  • Clothing has to be non-synthetic neck to wrist to ankle clothing and include fully covered leather footwear

Minimum Competition Requirements:

  • Not Applicable – Non-competitive event with no timing

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