Opposite Lock

Opposite Lock, October 2021

October 2021’s edition of Opposite Lock features Harry Hickling’s cars, ‘My TF Story’, ‘Rev Heads Drool!’ and the Goodwood Breakfast Club along with much, much more.

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Opposite Lock, October 2021 [PDF]

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Opposite Lock, October 2021

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Going Forward

The majority of the content of the magazine has traditionally centered around the club’s events. Given that all of these events have been cancelled until at least the end of June, the question arises as to how we can maintain a level of interest for members.

A number of suggestions have been put forward for members to consider. Members might like to reminisce on previous events even if they have been covered in the past. Any articles on the history of MG as always would be appreciated.

Personally, I would like to see a series of articles on the history of our regular and major events, how they started and perhaps some suggestions as to how they may be modernised to take them forward into the future.

Aside from that anything is welcome please put forward your submissions to the editor at [email protected].